It’s Been A Pretty Tasty Week

I’ve always quite enjoyed taking photos of food, and in the course of my time taking a photo a day (I’m currently on 2577 days) I have often turned to my plate for inspiration.

I’m starting a little personal project (perhaps less of a project, more of a routine), of cooking something photo-worthy at least once a week. Hopefully it will:
1. Make me think more about food photography and what makes a strong image.
2. Force me to cook more, making sure the growing collection of cook books in the kitchen are more than just decoration.
3. Get me using my SLR more often. Bad bad iPhone habits.

For the last week I’ve been photographing our kitchen exploits to get me started…

Chocolate & Peanut cookies. This were amazing – a chocolatey batter and chips that were more like molten lakes of dark chocolate.

Last weekend we got a little disposable barbecue and had a vegetarian/vegan feast: peppers stuffed with cous cous, corn on the cob with homemade spicy sauce, vine tomatoes, halloumi with chili and lemon juice, spinach and lentil burgers, veggie sausages and sweet potato. I also made fancy mango and apple drinks to mark the occasion.

(Just remembering these sweet potatoes make me hungry)
(… and the halloumi)

(and the cous cous… basically give me all of it)

Lemon and poppyseed cupcakes (with masterful swirly icing by G – see the top of this post). This one’s from our favourite – BBC Good Food.

A ginormous vegetable lasagne with tomatoes, aubergine, courgette, onion, spinach, looooads of cheese… This one I actually had nothing to do with, other than arriving when it was ready to eat and taking photos of it while a hungry G told me to hurry up so he could start eating.

And finally, sweet potato wedges with chili flakes and oregano. Yep – more sweet potato. We bought a huge bag and didn’t quite get through them all in the barbecue (not that I really need an excuse – sweet potatoes are like heaven).

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