Kitchen Exploits – Week 1

It’s the first week of my new project (explained in this post) to photograph my kitchen exploits. A frittata is one of my favourite go-to recipes because it’s pretty quick, and is so good for using up food that you don’t want to go to waste. I’m pleased to report that this was up there with the best I’ve made.

I didn’t use a recipe but the ingredients were: 1 red onion, 5 spring onions, 1 courgette, 1 red pepper, 1 (ginormous) sweet potato, half a jar of sundried tomatoes, a chunk of cheddar and a chunk of feta, and 5 eggs. Everything I used was in the fridge already, and needed eating up – in the end all I had to buy were the eggs – which means it cost about £1 and served 4 people! That’s my kind of meal.

There was also supposed to be spinach in there, but in my hunger I forgot to add it in, so we ate it as a side instead.

As a tiny bonus for week 1, here’s a small Sweet To Complete…

G actually made this cake (a Victoria Sponge with amazing butter cream and fresh strawberries), but I contributed the decoration. I’m pretty proud, considering it was my first attempt at cake typography.

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