Worthing (on 35mm)

I’ve just got my films developed from a weekend away by the sea. We roadtripped down (with an excellent nineties soundtrack) and stayed for a few days with Piero.

The sunset on the evening we arrived was beautiful (but absolutely freezing). After that, the weekend largely consisted of a few very muddy walks.

There was also tree-climbing, cookie-eating, 3 course breakfasts, card game tournaments, hot chocolates, and a 50p challenge on the pier.

(shot on Agfa 35mm on a Pentax MZ-50)

Coffee & Stripes

I’ve now been taking a photo a day for 2436 days. A couple of days I met my mum for coffee and cake, and the resulting image ended up being my photo for that day. Looking back on my photos from similar meetings, I noticed a trend. I feel like it might become self-perpetuating, and now she’ll end up changing her clothes just to go for coffee.

(these are a mixture of poor-quality iPhone snaps, and shots on film – probably taken on my Pentax MZ-50)