Sea Wall

This is what the wall above my desk looked like this morning. I’d thrown together a quick selection of postcards, photos and San Pellegrino lids (I just can’t resist them) a few months ago. I intended for it to be temporary, until I had time to fill the space properly. In the end, it’s probably been about 6 months (you can tell the date by the fact I was watching Wimbledon!)

Lately I’ve been trying to think of something else to hang in the space. We have large framed prints hung elsewhere in the room, so I didn’t want anything so heavy and formal. I decided instead to use Fotoclips, a brilliant little product from Lomography. I used them to mount a selection of 35mm photos of the sea. I love how the blue tones work in the space, and the freedom the Fotoclips gave me in terms of shape and layout.

Where’s Jon?

One of my housemates is a self-described ‘social butterfly’. He’s hardly ever in the house, and the rest of us never know where he is or who he’s socialising with this time. The phrase “where’s Jon?” gets asked at least once a day.

My other housemate is moving out today (boo), so as a leaving present I made him a simple letterpress print of the phrase that has summed up his time in the house. I used my favourite typeface (of the 6 or 7 we have), and black ink on white card, then framed it in a black box frame.