Elaine & James

Last October (yes, I know, it’s been a while), Elaine & James got married. It was a beautiful day – a stunning church for the ceremony, a perfect mix of pink bridesmaids and naval groomsmen, and the lovely Cantley House for the reception. I spent the day filming the festivities and the short version of the final video is below. The final full-length version is about 10 minutes long, so cutting down all that loveliness to 1 minute was pretty difficult.

I also took some stills of James and his groomsmen getting ready in the morning.

Kitchen Exploits 9: Madeleines

I haven’t posted anything for the kitchen for ages (anything much at all really, oops). This week I made my first ever madeleines. I’m always slightly annoyed if I have to buy a whole new baking item just for one recipe… but the tins were on offer and my brain started this mad rambling daydream about all the flavour combinations I could invent and about owning my own madeleine shop with madeleines of every variety and and and… well, yes. This is my first step: orange and dark chocolate.