June in iPhone Photos

Summer feels like it’s here at last – still no holiday for me though! We’ve started packing for our move next month, and have spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Other highlights include a visit from my fave and a Saturday spent in London for my little brother’s graduation show (now I feel old!)


We’ve just got back from a long weekend exploring Kent. We stayed in a fancy apartment in Whitstable (which was already one of my fave places), and also explored Margate and Broadstairs.

Since I last visited Whitstable, so many awesome shops have appeared on the high street. Ruskin, Frank and Flory & Black were particular favourites. Being inside them for 30 seconds made me want to paint and draw and screenprint and bake and redecorate my house and start dressing better.

There was also the obligatory visit to the Turner Contemporary in Margate, as well as the obligatory coffee in Morelli’s in Broadstairs. And chips on the beach, of course. And a couple of fantastic Turner-esque sunsets.

G was using my favourite 35mm camera, so I pretty much used my phone camera for the whole weekend. I did sneak a few frames in though, when he wasn’t looking:

Where’s Jon?

One of my housemates is a self-described ‘social butterfly’. He’s hardly ever in the house, and the rest of us never know where he is or who he’s socialising with this time. The phrase “where’s Jon?” gets asked at least once a day.

My other housemate is moving out today (boo), so as a leaving present I made him a simple letterpress print of the phrase that has summed up his time in the house. I used my favourite typeface (of the 6 or 7 we have), and black ink on white card, then framed it in a black box frame.