Kitchen Exploits 10: Bundt Cake

G started to make this pineapple & passion fruit bundt yesterday, but he only got as far as roasting the pineapple, so I baked it today (using his expertly roasted pineapple of course).

Kitchen Exploits 9: Madeleines

I haven’t posted anything for the kitchen for ages (anything much at all really, oops). This week I made my first ever madeleines. I’m always slightly annoyed if I have to buy a whole new baking item just for one recipe… but the tins were on offer and my brain started this mad rambling daydream about all the flavour combinations I could invent and about owning my own madeleine shop with madeleines of every variety and and and… well, yes. This is my first step: orange and dark chocolate.

Winter in iPhone Photos

It’s been a while since I did this, so here’s a whole bunch of things from the last few months. There was a (very stormy) trip to Hove for the weekend, lots of baking sessions (including the obligatory Christmas fudge)… and a move to Bristol. The city is treating me very well so far, still lots to explore. There’s a yellow wall and a green kitchen in the flat so we’re pretty much set there.