Cornwall (again)

I didn’t go to Cornwall properly until I was 23. That seems hard to believe now I’ve been there a few times. Think of all those years I could’ve been enjoying it for! We went back to Portscatho for a week in April. Rain was forecast, but instead we got bright sunshine pretty much all week. The 800 page book I’d taken with me to entertain my rainy days was left untouched as we excitedly gambolled along the coast (sometimes even without our coats!)

Lyric Painting

Two of my best friends got married last weekend (it was such a lovely day, and I cried quite a few times). I wanted to get them something other than the classic wedding present, so I painted this.

The lyrics are from Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons, which they used for their first dance. I don’t think I’d noticed how wedding-appropriate the lyrics were before this.

I painted a wreath of flowers around the words, mainly in blue (the main colour of their wedding), and included a small banner at the bottom with the date of the wedding.

Sea Wall

This is what the wall above my desk looked like this morning. I’d thrown together a quick selection of postcards, photos and San Pellegrino lids (I just can’t resist them) a few months ago. I intended for it to be temporary, until I had time to fill the space properly. In the end, it’s probably been about 6 months (you can tell the date by the fact I was watching Wimbledon!)

Lately I’ve been trying to think of something else to hang in the space. We have large framed prints hung elsewhere in the room, so I didn’t want anything so heavy and formal. I decided instead to use Fotoclips, a brilliant little product from Lomography. I used them to mount a selection of 35mm photos of the sea. I love how the blue tones work in the space, and the freedom the Fotoclips gave me in terms of shape and layout.