Mr & Mrs Knight – The Book

This is the last wedding-based post, I promise. (For this wedding at least!) George & Justin got married at the beginning of May after an engagement of nearly exactly a year.

I decided very early on to try and capture as much of the year of wedding prep as I could – and I enlisted the undercover help of the bride’s parents too. Together we had most of it covered – dresses, suits, hen dos, stag dos, flowers, favours…

In the end it made sense to have these printed in a book – it runs chronologically from the announcement of their engagement in April last year all the way up to us bridesmaids practicing our aisle walking the night before the wedding.

Tasty Treats

This Christmas, Graham and I made recipe books for our friends and families. We included the recipes for 12 of our favourite cakes and sweet treats, alongside original photographs. In the process, I learnt to use Adobe InDesign (on a pretty basic level).

We worked together to pick recipes, and decide on fonts, layouts and images. We spent a long time thinking about binding. So long, in fact, that we nearly ran out time to actually bind them – we ended up settling for a simple solution, and used white ribbon.