Kitchen Exploits 9: Madeleines

I haven’t posted anything for the kitchen for ages (anything much at all really, oops). This week I made my first ever madeleines. I’m always slightly annoyed if I have to buy a whole new baking item just for one recipe… but the tins were on offer and my brain started this mad rambling daydream about all the flavour combinations I could invent and about owning my own madeleine shop with madeleines of every variety and and and… well, yes. This is my first step: orange and dark chocolate.

Kitchen Exploits 7: Black Bean Cookies

We used a recipe from A Modern Way To Cook by Anna Jones. The recipe uses coconut oil, dates and (weird one) a tin of black beans – so it’s dairy and gluten free. The texture is a little different to normal chocolate cookies but definitely not in a bad way!