Swedish Apple Cake

Since my almost-week in Somerset was spent either getting rained on, or inside watching the rain and waiting for my wet clothes to dry, we did a lot of baking. I’ve made apple cake every autumn for the last few years, and this year I tried a new recipe. The ones I’ve used before made a very runny batter, which you bake at a low temperature for a lonnng time. This one was much thicker, and was baked a lot quicker. We used apples from the tree in my garden, and eggs from my hosts’ chickens. Once baked, the cake was brushed with a honey and cinnamon glaze, and we ate it while still warm (with considerable amounts of vanilla ice cream).

Cinnamon Swirl Cake

This is less of a cake, and more of just a giant cinnamon swirl. But to be honest, I can’t think of a scenario where the words “giant cinnamon swirl” would be a bad thing.

I followed this recipe – mine is definitely more lopsided, and my swirls slightly unswirled themselves at the rising stage – but it tasted un-be-lievable. Besides, homemade cakes shouldn’t look perfect anyway.

The cake survived an inter-county journey back to my mum’s house (it’s her birthday cake) – probably helped by the sticky maple syrup glaze that held it together. These finished shots were taken on my phone – I was so excited about eating it that I forgot to use my camera.