Zoe & Ollie’s Wedding

I was so lucky this summer to be able to photograph Zoe and Ollie’s beautiful Devon wedding. The venue was stunning (including a barn with the most incredible lighting), the ceremony was beautiful and the sun shone. The bride and groom also happen to be a couple of the smiliest people around, making my job ridiculously easy. Here are a few of my favourites.

July in iPhone Photos

July was pretty hectic. And by ‘pretty’ I mean ‘VERY’.

The beginning of the month was spent nearly entirely at work – so much that I’d arrive in the morning having already forgotten that I’d ever gone home. We were desperately in need of a holiday, and – hallelujah – the middle of the month provided us with 16 blissful days off.

Blissful doesn’t necessarily mean restful though – we spent the first week travelling around Somerset and Devon, and the second week moving house (there’s still no wifi in our new place, so I’m uploading this in a coffee shop over a ginormous coffee which – despite it’s size – is at risk of running out before these blasted photos finally upload).