I recently spent a lovely week in Cornwall. We did just enough to feel like we’d seen enough lovely Cornishness, while still feeling like we’d had a damn good rest. Until last summer I’d never been to Cornwall, and I didn’t really understand why people loved it so much. I totally get it now.

Here there are photos from Portscatho, St Mawes, Truro, Falmouth and Trelissick.


A few weeks ago we made a flying visit to Cornwall to watch my little brother and the lovely Selena graduate. It was such a good day (and endlessly cooler than my own graduation). We finished the day with a sunny lunch on the beach before the long journey back home again.

Cornwall (Reminiscing About Summer)

Last July, me and G headed down to Cornwall for a week. We stayed in a beaut of a house in Mousehole for a few days, then spent a few more in Falmouth with my brother. It’s now January, and I’m very cold – so please allow me a couple of minutes to reminisce.

This was the first ‘proper’ holiday in years where I decided not to take my SLR. Instead, I took my trusty Pentax MZ-50 and a few rolls of film (we actually had to buy more film while we were down there, everything was too beautiful) – and decided that anything non-film worthy would be fine on my iPhone.

However, I ended up taking far more photos on my phone than I’d imagined I would. My films are all developed and safely tucked away in albums now, and I obviously love them… but somehow I feel as if the photos from my phone capture more of the feeling of the week. The immediacy of a quick button-click and being able to have a camera in my pocket everywhere I went meant that moments were preserved that might otherwise have been lost.

I realised that I was beginning to spend more time setting up my shots, thinking about lighting and composition, yet even so, the images feel more spontaneous, more fun. More like I remember the moments actually being.

It felt like I had rediscovered the ability to see the beauty in the everyday. I have taken at least one photo every day for over 6 years – there have been times in those years where I’ve despaired at my lack of inspiration, and the lack of interesting subjects; there have also been times where I’ve had too much choice, where I’ve realised how much beauty I’m surrounded by.

In this post I’ve curated the images by theme, by location, by colour or subject. I just enjoy being organised, I guess. But my favourite photos are probably the ones that don’t really fit in a category. The seagull staring in the window (lusting after my Cheerios), the mango sorbet I ate in the 32° heat, the chips we ate on the beach in the rain. (Yes, it would appear that my favourite memories are largely about food…) Looking back at these ones remind me to look around a bit more. There’s beauty everywhere.

(all images shot on my iPhone 4s and edited with Snapseed and Landcam – credit for some of these {namely the ones with me in} go to Graham)