Winter in iPhone Photos

It’s been a while since I did this, so here’s a whole bunch of things from the last few months. There was a (very stormy) trip to Hove for the weekend, lots of baking sessions (including the obligatory Christmas fudge)… and a move to Bristol. The city is treating me very well so far, still lots to explore. There’s a yellow wall and a green kitchen in the flat so we’re pretty much set there.

December in iPhone Photos

December was both very busy and occasionally not busy at all. There was a visit to Winchester (for the market and mulled wine), lots of Christmas crafting and baking, and a few festive parties thrown in for good measure.

Christmas Fudge

This is the 4th year now that I’ve made fudge at Christmas. It started when I was still at uni, when about 15 of us got together for a big Christmas meal. Most of us lived on the same street, so we divided the cooking duties between our 3 kitchens, and then carried the food (and extra tables and chairs) down the road to the biggest house. My housemate and I made chocolate fudge, wrapped it up into little parcels, and we used them as place settings for the meal.

Since then Christmas hasn’t felt like Christmas until I’ve made fudge. This year I’ve ended up making more than usual –  the initial 2 batches I made for gifts, and a third for the people I work with (they all went absolutely crazy for the surplus bits I took them from the original batches). I stuck to a basic vanilla fudge recipe this year, and from there made Rum & Raisin, and Cranberry & Walnut.