Hello! (The Print Pack)

Late last year, myself and 2 friends (entirely accidentally) attended a small letterpress workshop. We’d all had previous experience of printmaking, but never letterpress. We enjoyed it so much that we went home and bought an old machine for ourselves (thank you, Gumtree!)

It came with about 6 typefaces, and over the next few weeks we added a couple more to the collection. Unfortunately due to our busy lives, and the fact that one of us lives in a different county, we haven’t been able to use it as much as we initially hoped. However, we’ve produced a few things which we’ve sold under the group name The Print Pack, and we continue to have fun in our little shed studio.

These hello cards are up for sale now on our Etsy (we also have Instagram)

Happy Doughnut

A few weeks ago it was a friend’s birthday. There’s a whole big in-joke about doughnuts, and having spent 45 minutes of my lunch hour utterly failing to find a single card featuring doughnut (by the end I would’ve settled for a rubbish one), I decided to make my own. I don’t know why that wasn’t my decision from the beginning – handmade cards are always so much better and more appreciated than a shop-bought one. I used watercolour and ink for the design on the front – and picked an envelope and inside lining to match the icing.

Happy Doughnut Day, Lou!