Cornwall (again)

I didn’t go to Cornwall properly until I was 23. That seems hard to believe now I’ve been there a few times. Think of all those years I could’ve been enjoying it for! We went back to Portscatho for a week in April. Rain was forecast, but instead we got bright sunshine pretty much all week. The 800 page book I’d taken with me to entertain my rainy days was left untouched as we excitedly gambolled along the coast (sometimes even without our coats!)

July in iPhone Photos

July was pretty hectic. And by ‘pretty’ I mean ‘VERY’.

The beginning of the month was spent nearly entirely at work – so much that I’d arrive in the morning having already forgotten that I’d ever gone home. We were desperately in need of a holiday, and – hallelujah – the middle of the month provided us with 16 blissful days off.

Blissful doesn’t necessarily mean restful though – we spent the first week travelling around Somerset and Devon, and the second week moving house (there’s still no wifi in our new place, so I’m uploading this in a coffee shop over a ginormous coffee which – despite it’s size – is at risk of running out before these blasted photos finally upload).