Winter in iPhone Photos

It’s been a while since I did this, so here’s a whole bunch of things from the last few months. There was a (very stormy) trip to Hove for the weekend, lots of baking sessions (including the obligatory Christmas fudge)… and a move to Bristol. The city is treating me very well so far, still lots to explore. There’s a yellow wall and a green kitchen in the flat so we’re pretty much set there.

Sea Wall

This is what the wall above my desk looked like this morning. I’d thrown together a quick selection of postcards, photos and San Pellegrino lids (I just can’t resist them) a few months ago. I intended for it to be temporary, until I had time to fill the space properly. In the end, it’s probably been about 6 months (you can tell the date by the fact I was watching Wimbledon!)

Lately I’ve been trying to think of something else to hang in the space. We have large framed prints hung elsewhere in the room, so I didn’t want anything so heavy and formal. I decided instead to use Fotoclips, a brilliant little product from Lomography. I used them to mount a selection of 35mm photos of the sea. I love how the blue tones work in the space, and the freedom the Fotoclips gave me in terms of shape and layout.