Cornwall (again)

I didn’t go to Cornwall properly until I was 23. That seems hard to believe now I’ve been there a few times. Think of all those years I could’ve been enjoying it for! We went back to Portscatho for a week in April. Rain was forecast, but instead we got bright sunshine pretty much all week. The 800 page book I’d taken with me to entertain my rainy days was left untouched as we excitedly gambolled along the coast (sometimes even without our coats!)

I Heart Blenheim

I love Blenheim Palace. It’s a long-running joke that we go there every weekend/day off/evening/whenever we can. We really don’t go that often, but I probably would if I could. My family came to stay for the Easter weekend, so it seemed a shame not to visit. The house itself was ridiculously busy (an Easter egg hunt I think), so we escaped the crowds and had a lovely long walk around the lake.

The light was really beautiful and hazy in the morning, especially out over the lake, with the sun desperately trying to shine through the mist. My companions were just as obsessed with taking photos of it as I was.