Lemon Cake & Lettering

It was Hetty’s birthday last week (she was naughty and didn’t tell anybody until the day was nearly over, so we had a second birthday for her a few days later).

I made her a lemon drizzle cake. I used this recipe, but mine ended up needing about twice as long in the oven than the recipe said (I was quite annoyed by the end, because I wanted to go to bed and it just would not bake!) so I was a bit worried that it would be a) still liquid inside or b) super dry. Thankfully it was delicious, and perfectly lemony.

Blood Orange Cake

Graham had been craving blood oranges for about a year, and they’re finally in season! He bought a whole bag full and then made a cake with them. I can’t really claim any part in the baking of this beauty, but it’s so photogenic!