Recent Adventures in Print

I last posted about our printing in January, so it’s definitely time for an update! Today I spent a couple of hours printing 78 paper bags for my best friend’s wedding next weekend (there’s going to be an old-fashioned sweet cart, I’m so excited).

I also used the press to make a little leaving present for another friend who’s about to go off travelling the world. It had to be small and light so she could take it with her – so I printed the front and back covers of an A6 notebook.

There’s also these thank you cards, which I actually had nothing to do with in terms of production, but I quite like the photos I took of them, so let’s sneak them on here too.

Happy Doughnut

A few weeks ago it was a friend’s birthday. There’s a whole big in-joke about doughnuts, and having spent 45 minutes of my lunch hour utterly failing to find a single card featuring doughnut (by the end I would’ve settled for a rubbish one), I decided to make my own. I don’t know why that wasn’t my decision from the beginning – handmade cards are always so much better and more appreciated than a shop-bought one. I used watercolour and ink for the design on the front – and picked an envelope and inside lining to match the icing.

Happy Doughnut Day, Lou!