Georgina & Justin’s Wedding

As you may have seen here and here, I’ve been busy making things for the wedding of two of my best friends. It finally happened just over a week ago, and I’ve finally had some time to catch up with my photos of the day.

Since I was a bridesmaid, and therefore required to be in lots of the photos, they hired another photographer for the day – but in between bridesmaid duties I did manage to grab a few of my own.

George asked me to take the photos of us getting ready in the morning. I think these are some of my favourite shots from the day, and it was nice that I was able to do it instead of the other photographer – it was a lot more intimate and a lot less intrusive than if a stranger had been doing it, so I think my images are a lot more natural and reflect the mood of the morning. There’s a few here, I’ll be putting more up in the Wedding section of the site soon [update: here they are!]

I also constructed a makeshift photobooth for the reception. We weren’t allowed any backdrops, but I collected/made a big box of props, taped off an area on the floor, and provided a remote shutter so guests could take their own photos.

Lyric Painting

Two of my best friends got married last weekend (it was such a lovely day, and I cried quite a few times). I wanted to get them something other than the classic wedding present, so I painted this.

The lyrics are from Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons, which they used for their first dance. I don’t think I’d noticed how wedding-appropriate the lyrics were before this.

I painted a wreath of flowers around the words, mainly in blue (the main colour of their wedding), and included a small banner at the bottom with the date of the wedding.

Recent Adventures in Print

I last posted about our printing in January, so it’s definitely time for an update! Today I spent a couple of hours printing 78 paper bags for my best friend’s wedding next weekend (there’s going to be an old-fashioned sweet cart, I’m so excited).

I also used the press to make a little leaving present for another friend who’s about to go off travelling the world. It had to be small and light so she could take it with her – so I printed the front and back covers of an A6 notebook.

There’s also these thank you cards, which I actually had nothing to do with in terms of production, but I quite like the photos I took of them, so let’s sneak them on here too.