Lyric Painting

Two of my best friends got married last weekend (it was such a lovely day, and I cried quite a few times). I wanted to get them something other than the classic wedding present, so I painted this.

The lyrics are from Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons, which they used for their first dance. I don’t think I’d noticed how wedding-appropriate the lyrics were before this.

I painted a wreath of flowers around the words, mainly in blue (the main colour of their wedding), and included a small banner at the bottom with the date of the wedding.

December in iPhone Photos

December was a good month. I’ve actually been thinking that it was probably one of the best Christmases for a few years. In Oxford we made our own cards and a few handmade gifts, I completed my annual pilgrimage to the Winchester Christmas Market, I had a lovely (busy) festive time at work, I got some lovely presents from lovely people, and I ate A LOT of food.